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BOFA attracts high-profile directors, producers, designers, actors and speakers from around Australia and internationally, who network & mingle with industry and film lovers alike in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our Artistic Directors Rowan Woods (AFI-winning director; The Boys, Little Fish ) and Trish Lake (SPAA winning producer; Gettin’ Square and past national president of the Screen Producer’s Association of Australia), will invite leading producers, directors and actors to BOFA 2013.

BOFA 2012 was proud to welcome guests of the calibre of Robert Connolly, (Balibo, The Bank, Three Dollars and in 2012 Underground: The Julian Assange Story), actor Jimi Bani, (RAN, Mabo, The Straits and Redfern Now) and Andrew Knight, award winning Australian writer and producer (My Brother Jack, Seachange, Rake and Jack Irish). 

Also at BOFA 2012 were director/producer Dr Mitzi Goldman (A Common Purpose, Memoirs of a Plague),  screen writers Shayne Armstrong and SP Krause (Bait 3D, Acolytes) along with many other Tasmanian and interstate film makers.

Many other screen industry notables will be at BOFA 2013 giving film lovers and film makers a wonderful chance to  network or chat.

2012 guests had this to say:

Trish Lake

BOFA has come of age. Australia’s first true “Festival of Screen” has done in three years what few festivals ever achieve. Not only has it trebled its audience numbers, but it is first and foremost a festival with heart and courage.

-Trish Lake, BOFA Artistic Director, 2012-2013

Jimi Bani

It was my pleasure to be a part of the BOFA film festival 2012. I will cherish my Devil Actor Award!!! Thanks for having me.

- Jimi Bani, actor

Liselle Mei

BOFA is one of those rare festivals that is both genuinely community driven and international in its outlook. There is a real sense of togetherness and sharing. It was a real treat to screen my film to such a warm, receptive audience.

- Liselle Mei. film maker

Shayne Armstrong & SP Krause

BOFA is as unique and wonderful as its name suggests. We hesitate to use the word “boutique” not only because its scope and offerings go beyond the intimate and interpersonal ambience of the festival but because, should it continue growing with its level of quality, it won’t be “boutique” by any definition and will stand with the best festivals the country has to offer.

- Shayne Armstrong & SP Krause, Armstrong + Krause Screenwriting Partnership

Peter Krausz

I was very impressed with the way BOFA has developed this year, as both a grass-roots film festival with a global eye, and a celebration of screen in its myriad of forms and associated film culture events. This is certainly a unique screen festival that is both informal and informative, and a triumph for Tasmania.

- Peter Krausz, Chair, Australian Film Critics Association

Andrea Durbach
BOFA lived up to its name: unique, refreshing and relaxed. It was a real pleasure – and delightful surprise- to be part of such a warm, interesting and brilliantly managed festival.  The range of events – the forums, the workshops, and the films – all combined to create a distinct BOFA community that is clearly ‘making a difference’ in the film world and beyond.

- Andrea Durbach, Director, Human Rights Centre UNSW

Carolyn Frichot

Being involved in BOFA was like being on an exotic holiday. It had all the fun and excitement of international appeal, with so many different colourful characters to hang out with and great entertainment every single day!

- Carolyn Frichot, Tasmanian film maker

Sara Cooper

BOFA provided amazing support for over ten Cooper Screen Academy students to attend the entire 2012 film festival….. these budding actors not only got to view inspiring films from all over the globe, but built genuine connections with top Australian directors, actors and producers. There is an undeniable trickledown effect of this kind of an event, and given appropriate support the festival will continue to increase its considerable influence on the screen culture of our state. Thanks BOFA

- Sara Cooper, Cooper Screen Academy

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